Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences


Advising Center Weekly Update and Plasma Screen Submissions

To have an announcement included in the Advising Center weekly update to Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences undeclared undergraduate students and/or posted on the plasma screen in the Advising Center lobby, please submit your announcement using the appropriate link below. Before submitting, please carefully note the following:

  • Announcements must meet the following general criteria:
    • have a target audience of undeclared undergraduate students
    • submitted by a faculty or staff member affiliated with a University of Pittsburgh unit (Examples: Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences/English Department, Career Development)
    • have a clear connection to students' academic development

    Additional considerations may apply, and posting of announcements is at the discretion of the Advising Center. A courtesy reply will be sent to notify the contact person if the announcement is not posted.

  • All categories on the form must be filled out.
  • Submissions must be received by 3:00 PM on Wednesday in order to be included in the weekly update and/or posted on the plasma screen the following Monday.

Weekly Update Submissions: For an announcement to appear for more than one week in the weekly update, it must be resubmitted each week by the deadline. Attachments cannot be submitted for the weekly update. To access the weekly update submission form, click here.

Plasma Screen Submissions: Submissions for the plasma screen must be in one of the preferred formats: Powerpoint slide, Word document, or jPeg. Announcements will remain posted on the plasma screen until the event has passed; resubmission is not necessary. To access the Plasma Screen submission form, click here.