Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

An important component of your upcoming PittStart session will be working with your academic advisor to select courses for the fall term. We want you to start thinking about what classes you might want to take for your first term at the University of Pittsburgh.

To successfully complete this orientation, it is important that you follow the menu items in numerical order. As you proceed through this site, you will be required to choose 10 courses.

This wish list of 10 classes will not be your final selection and is not an actual registration for classes. Your selections will act as a guide when you meet with your academic advisor at your scheduled PittStart session. At that one-on-one appointment, you and your advisor will discuss your fall term class schedule.

In this online orientation you will:

  • Be introduced to majors and general education requirements
  • Learn how to use the "Choices" form to select classes
  • Choose 10 classes that interest you
  • Learn what to expect at your PittStart session