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Algebra Placement Exam Sample

If you had a 600 or above on the Math SAT then you are exempt from taking this test. However, if you plan on entering a major or Pre-Professional program such as Education, Pre-Med and so on, that requires Calculus (either Business or Scientific), then you should take the Trig exam. (There is no sample test for trig.) Be advised that you are not allowed to use a calculator during the Trig test and scratch paper will be provided.

You are also exempt from this placement exam if you earned credit in Calculus on the MATH AB or the MATH BC advanced placement exams. See the AP Credit sheet (PDF) to see how AP scores translate into credits.

You can exempt this placement exam if you received a sufficient grade in Algebra, Trig or Calculus in College in High School or at another college before you came to the University of Pittsburgh.

Download the Sample Algebra Placement Exam: PDF | Word

Sample Algebra Placement Exam Answers:

1. a 6. a 11. e 16. e 21. a 26. d 31. b 36. c 41. a
2. a 7. a 12. a 17. d 22. b 27. e 32. e 37. b 42. b
3. a 8. c 13. a 18. d 23. b 28. a 33. d 38. c 43. a
4. b 9. a 14. c 19. d 24. d 29. d 34. b 39. e 44. c
5. b 10. d 15. c 20. d 25. d 30. c 35. c 40. b 45. b


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