Academic Resource Center

Empower Yourself to Succeed

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) helps you achieve your highest potential. Whether you want to raise your grades, manage your time better, master complex material, or just feel more relaxed when taking an exam, the ARC is your gateway to academic excellence. The ARC is open to all undergraduates on the Pittsburgh campus!

ARC Programs

Peer Tutoring

As fellow students, peer tutors understand your challenges and are eager to help. All peer tutors receive ongoing training in best tutoring practices and strategies. Read More >

Study Skills Workshops and Academic Consultations

Our Academic Specialists will work with you to evaluate the demands on your time, set personal goals, and develop time-management strategies to help you achieve those goals. Read More >

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) supports high-achieving, first-generation, low-income students. SSS students receive comprehensive advising, academic support services, and access to cultural and leadership activities. Read More >

Partners in Progress

Partners in Progress (PIP) is designed for first-year underrepresented scholarship recipients regardless of school or major. PIP assists and works with you to ensure that you achieve academic success. Read More >