Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Leadership Certificate

The new Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Leadership Certificate is a program open to any University of Pittsburgh students interested in further developing their strategic planning, people management, and communication skills.

The certificate program aims to inform and motivate future leaders from the perspective of the liberal arts background. Through this program, students earn an academic credential for developing the core competencies that will enable them to lead in their scholarly fields, their communities, and their families, while they major in their chosen academic discipline. Students declare the Leadership Certificate in the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Studies Office of Student Records.

This certificate program emphasizes coursework in the areas of quantitative reasoning, economic principles, oral and written communication, and human architectures, as well as practical experiences in leadership. Because its foundation courses can be completed using courses that also meet General Education Requirements, the program allows students the flexibility to tailor the certificate to suit their interests and goals. The certificate fosters cross-discipline awareness and co-curricular learning by including two terms of a senior seminar.

The Leadership Certificate program requires foundation courses from four different rubrics (PDF, page two), each with a range of courses from which students may choose. Students must maintain an average GPA of 2.75 (B-) in the foundation courses.

Students pursuing the Leadership Certificate must also complete two advanced courses:

  1. ARTSC 1900 Arts and Sciences Internship (1 credit)
  2. ARTSC 1999 Arts and Sciences Leadership Seminar (2 terms for 1 credit each)

Students may take the advanced courses for S/NC grade. To satisfy the co-curricular (not for credit) component of the certificate program students must complete the Emerging Leaders Program, a 20-hour workshop series offered by Cross-Cultural Leadership Development in the Division of Student Affairs.

Please contact your academic advisor with questions about the certificate.

Students who declare this certificate after December 31, 2010 will be required to take ARTSC 1902 Special Topics in Leadership. Two terms of ARTSC 1999 Arts and Sciences Leadership Seminar will no longer be required.