First-Year Students


Start Smart

Explore more independence. More friendships. More of Pittsburgh. Start mapping your path with the Dietrich School’s first-year programs. We’ll help you see how to reach your destination—and how to get the most out of the journey.

Our expert faculty members and academic advisors are your guides and partners along the way. There will be things about the transition from high school to college that surprise you, such as how much time you need to study, how challenging it can be to manage your time when there are so many activities to choose from, and how much you’re going to miss your annoying younger siblings. But these things won’t surprise us. We know what to expect, which means we know how to help—and based on our experience, we’ve created programs specifically designed to support you.

Academic Communities

In your Academic Community, you'll take up to three classes—all of which focus on an area of study that speaks to your unique interests and goals—with the same small group of students. Explore Academic Communities, and apply now.

Advising for First-year Students

Your academic advisor will work with you one-on-one to help you chart your academic course and connect your interests to Pitt’s wide variety of course offerings. Learn about personalized advising in your first year at the Dietrich School.

Courses for First-year Students

Introduction to the Arts and Sciences is your insider’s guide to Pitt, connecting you to valuable academic resources and opportunities, introducing you to the campus and the city, and providing the opportunity to meet other new students in small classes. Discover courses you'll take during your first year at Pitt.

Research for First-year Students

Through First Experiences in Research, Dietrich School students can gain meaningful, hands-on research experience in their very first year. Learn more about First Experiences in Research.

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements (GERs) are a buffet for your brain. More than just requirements, they are your opportunity to discover interests you never knew you had—all while earning credits toward graduation. View the complete list of General Education Requirements.