Research for First-Year Students

Swapna Subramanian (biological sciences and anthropology) conducts research at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology.

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One of the things that sets Pitt and the Dietrich School apart is the opportunity we provide for students to conduct meaningful research in their very first year. Popular research opportunities for first-students include:

First Experiences in Research

In the fall term, you'll be paired with an expert faculty member. In the spring term, you'll conduct hands-on research with that faculty member. Projects come from across all disciplines and areas of interest -- including biology, communications, economics, music, neurology, political science, studio arts, and theatre arts, to name a few. Students enroll in the spring term ARTSC 0120: First Experiences in Research course to learn the fundamental of research, and showcase their work in the campus-wide Celebration of Research poster session at the end of the term. Learn more about First Experiences in Research.

New York City and London Field Studies

Spending either a week in NYC or two weeks in London, students in the field studies programs use the extraordinary resources of these world-class cities to conduct research as part of a semester-long research project. Projects are student-led (with the guidance of a faculty mentor) and can be done in any discipline or interest area. Find out more about the Field Studies programs.

Connect with the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (OUR)

Drop us a line letting us know you're interested and a staff member will follow up as soon as possible. Fill out the form above or e-mail Laura Nelson, assistant director of the OUR today. You can check out all of our programs in the Research section of this Web site.