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College in High School

About College in High School

For more than 25 years, the College in High School (CHS) program has offered qualified high school students the opportunity to earn University of Pittsburgh college credits during their regular school day. Students do not have to leave their school to travel to the University.

Students who choose CHS are to be commended. Choosing to make a commitment to succeed in a college-level course while still in high school is admirable. The Pitt instructor at the high school, the Pitt faculty here on campus, and everyone in this office want this to be a good experience but also want their students to be challenged.

One of the first lessons students learn when they come to college is that what they get out of a course is totally dependent on what they put into a course. The responsibility begins to shift from the external world to the internal world—right onto their shoulders. We hope that students will learn this as they go through this experience. It will be a valuable lesson to learn before going to college.


College in High School
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