Resources for Making Your Schedule

Course Subject Abbreviations - Use this to find out what subject abbreviation to type in when searching for courses on the main Pitt campus.

Time Schedule Planner - Prefer to put your schedule together "old school"?  Use this to help map your schedule out by time and day.

Enrolling Using Search by My Requirements - This document explains how to search for classes by the general education requirement it could fulfill.  You can search by "My Requirements" in your shopping cart area.

Enrolling Using the Schedule Planner - Use the Schedule Planner to map out all of the various schedule scenarios available based upon the currently open coursework.

Enrollment Guide - The Enrollment Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to search for and enroll in classes. It walks you through how to use your student center and contains the subject abbreviations you'll need to use to search for courses in PeopleSoft.

Searching for a General Education Course by Attribute Only students that have been admitted to the University for the Fall 2018 (2191) term or after, can refer to these instructions on how to search for a course that will satisfy a general education requirement in addition to many other course attributes and values. Refer to the General Education Course Catalog to find a master listing of every course offered, past or present, that has been approved to satisfy a general education requirement. 

  • For students admitted 2191 (Fall 2018) or after, you can find your General Education Course Catalog here.
  • For students admitted prior to the Fall 2018 term, you can find your General Education Course Catalog here.

Permission Numbers for Courses: There are many courses in each department that require a permission number for students to enroll.  If a course requires department consent, and the instructor gives you written permission, an authorized administrator in the department the course is offered through will generate and issue you a permission number to be able to use to enroll in the course.  After conducting a class search (don’t forget to uncheck the “view open classes only” box), click on the Select Class tab.  You would then type the permission number into the appropriate box.  If the course is already in your shopping cart, click on the course in your shopping cart to bring up the review page to enter in the permission number.

PeopleSoft Videos on how to Add a Class, Drop a Class, and Swap a Class from your Student Center in PeopleSoft
FAQ about the Waitlist Function in PeopleSoft
New Student Guide
PeopleSoft Mobile: Prefer to use PeopleSoft Mobile?  Read the instructions on how to use the phone friendly general class search to see what Pitt offers.