Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Peer Tutoring

photo of studentsAs a University of Pittsburgh student, you are entitled to free individual tutoring in several courses offered at our personalized, student-friendly center. When you come in to work with one of our peer tutors, you will find quiet areas for study and individualized instruction.

Whether you are looking to improve a course grade, freshen up on study skills, check your understanding of a topic, review assignments, or learn new test taking strategies, Academic Resource Center (ARC) tutors can assist you. ARC tutoring engages many learning styles—you may want to learn in a group, or you may decide that working things out one-on-one is better for you. Peer tutors receive specialized training and have talent both in their majors and in teaching and communication skills.

Appointments are availabe Monday through Friday between teh hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please set up an appointment for tutoring. You can stop by the ARC in person to make an appointment at the front desk or you can call us at 412-648-7920.

Tutoring is available in the following courses:

  • BIOSC 0150 Foundations of Biology 1
  • BIOSC 0160 Foundations of Biology 2
  • CHEM 0110 General Chemistry 1
  • CHEM 0120 General Chemistry 2
  • CHEM 0310 Organic Chemistry 1
  • CHEM 0320 Organic Chemistry 2
  • PHYS 0110 Introduction to Physics 1
  • PHYS 0111 Introduction to Physics 2
  • PHYS 0174 Physics for Science and Engineering 1
  • PHYS 0175 Physics for Science and Engineering 2
  • PSY 0010 Introduction to Psychology