Welcome to the Dietrich School

We're glad you're here! To get started, watch the introductory video and then complete the items in the list below. In addition to the Pitt-wide online orientation you'll be completing, the below resources will teach you what you need to know to connect with your advisor, enroll in classes, and have a successful first-term.

STEP 1: Complete our Welcome Survey

Tell us about yourself so we can provide a personalized advising experience right from the start. The survey will inform your advisor about important considerations when they begin working with you, and to make the most of your advising appointment when you meet. Take the survey now. 

STEP 2: Schedule your required Advising Appointment and Download Navigate Student and Skype for Business

After you complete our welcome survey, you will be required to schedule an appointment to meet with your assigned academic advisor. While we would prefer to meet with you for an appointment in person, we realize that may not be feasible or possible.  

To schedule your advising appointment, you will use the Navigate Student app. Download Navigate Student.  If you are unable to meet with your advisor in person, Skype for Business will allow you to meet with your assigned advisor from anywhere! Download Skype for Business.

When scheduling your required appointment, enter into the comments section which type of appointment you want to have: "In Person", "Skype", or "Phone".

STEP 3: Determine if you need to take a placement exam

Some courses offered through Biology, Languages, Mathematics and Music, will require you to take a placement exam before you can enroll in a course.  Find out what placement exams you need to take.

STEP 4: Decide if an Academic Community or other First-Year Programs course is right for you

Academic Communities are small groups of like-minded students who take three courses together in their first term, all focused around a specific area of interest. It's a great way to meet people and check out courses in a major that interests you. Learn about Academic Communities.

First-Year Programs also offers a one-credit Academic Foundations course, which introduces a small group of students to each other, the campus and the city. Another option is First-Year Seminar, which combines Academic Foundations with your Seminar in Composition requirement so you can get that checked off right away. Learn about Academic Foundations and First-Year Seminar.

STEP 5: Watch videos on first-year and graduation requirements

We'll walk you through everything you need to know about finding and selecting courses to fulfill your general education and graduation requirements. And, our peer advisors will walk you through what to consider when building your course schedule. Watch the videos.