Building Relationships

  • You’ll meet new people, diverse scholarship recipients who share your motivations and challenges.

  • You’ll partner with a peer mentor who will be there to support you throughout your time at Pitt and who can provide insight on making the most of your time here. All of our mentors started just where you are today, and have come up through BRIDGES throughout their time at Pitt. It’s where they found their fit—and where you can find yours.

  • You’ll have a support network of people who share not just common goals, but also common challenges: Pressure to meet high expectations, a desire to make their families proud, excelling in their studies while building friendships and community on campus, succeeding in tough courses to get the grades that will get them where they want to go next.

  • You’ll have a network of support to help prepare you for graduate school.

  • You’ll have opportunities to build a professional network.

Inspiring Diversity

  • BRIDGES is for underrepresented scholarship recipients, and our scholars come from diverse backgrounds.

  • The BRIDGES program belongs to its members. You and your fellow scholars can shape and form the program to meet your specific needs and interests.

  • Each student can customize a unique BRIDGES experience by deciding what parts of the program to take advantage of and when. The program is robust and available when you want it, but won’t conflict with your busy schedule when you don’t.

Generating Excellence in Scholarship

  • You’ll have exclusive access to a variety of unique resources and opportunities on campus.

  • You’ll learn insider tips and tricks to maximize—and balance—your time, academic performance, and social life.

  • BRIDGES provides unique leadership opportunities that will help you grow as an individual and build marketable skills that look great on a résumé. As you progress through the program, you’ll have the opportunity to serve as a BRIDGES leader and even mentor incoming students.