UKRAIN 0020 Elementary Ukrainian 2

This is the second semester of first-year Ukrainian language. Ukrainian language is the language of the largest country in Europe. The course starts with a review and subsequent reinforcement of grammar fundamentals and core vocabulary pertaining to the most common aspects of daily life. Principal emphasis is placed on the development of students' communicative skills (oral and written) on such topics as the self, family, studies and leisure, travel, meals, and others. Students will be able to write about things he/she likes to do by using familiar sentence patterns. Students who successfully complete the course (two semesters) will be able to narrate and describe in all major time frames (past, present, and future) answer all communicative types of questions, engage in a sustained exchange on a variety of general and some special subjects, including the self, one's studies, spheres of interests, travel, hotel, meals and food, shopping and others; acquire basic familiarity with the Ukrainian language internet resources.

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