ECON 0800 Introduction to Economics

Introduction to Economics is designed to provide the student who has had no previous exposure to economics with an introduction to current economic issues.  This course introduces the non-major student to the theories of macro-and microeconomics and its application to the real world. The main objective of this course is to enhance students¿ understanding of the economy such as economic problems and efficiency, laws of demand and supply, the organization of production, inflation, unemployment rates and the cycles of business, as well as competition and monopoly. Students learn of the national GDP and its measurement as well as international trade and the impact of global economic issues on everything.

This is a CGS web course delivered entirely online through the CANVAS learning management system (LMS). The course consists of a combination of online and off-line activities and participation in asynchronous and/or synchronous meetings and discussions. Online interaction is required each week as outlined in the class syllabus and schedule. Students must have reliable internet access to take this course. Students complete the course requirements within one term and move through the course materials as a cohort.

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