SPAN 0126 Spanish Advanced Grammar and Composition for Heritage Speakers

This course is specially designed for Spanish heritage students who already understand and speak Spanish but communicate almost exclusively in English, and for students who speak Spanish mostly in informal settings and would like to improve their communication skills (written and oral) in professional and academic settings. This course aims to identify the skills that the heritage students bring with them and develop them further. Through readings, videos and film screenings, class presentations, discussions and debates, writing workshops and peer editing, this course seeks to strengthen the student´s confidence in the language while engaging relevant issues related to the Hispanic communities in the U.S. and abroad, discussing topics related to social justice. This course is offered in the spring 2022 term.

In this course, Spanish heritage speakers can:

  • strengthen their Spanish language skills.
  • build confidence in their ability to express themselves in Spanish.
  • learn more about their heritage.
  • advance their abilities to communicate effectively in academic and professional settings.
  • meet other Spanish-speaking students.
  • Dolores Lima

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