Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Weber (Psychology)

When I first came to Pitt, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do—not a single clue. For my first year at Pitt, my advisor recommended that I take a large portion of my general education classes so I could take classes that seemed interesting to me to help me figure out what I wanted to pursue further as a major. This really helped a lot, and I ended up loving my Introduction to Psychology and Social Psychology class. But, rather than pursuing Psychology, I ended up declaring another major because "I thought that what was I was supposed to do."

The classes I was taking and the subjects I was learning were not clicking with me. In addition, I just was not happy. I had to take a step back and think to myself, "What is it I like? What's something that I will enjoy learning and could use in a future career that I would actually like?" I thought back to the psychology classes I took freshmen year and thought perhaps psychology would be a better fit. So, in spring of my sophomore year, I transferred to psychology and I've never looked back! I absolutely love what I'm studying now and cannot wait to pursue a career in the psych field.

Moral of my story: Don't pick a major because you feel it's something "you have to do" or is something someone else expects you to do. Do something you love because that major will inevitably be a part of your career! I encourage every student who is undecided about what they want to major in to think back to the basics: What do you enjoy in your free time? What makes me happy? And what can you see yourself doing for the rest of your life as a career? Do not settle and do what you LOVE!