Second Language

Elementary Ukrainian 2

This is the second semester of first-year Ukrainian language. Ukrainian language is the language of the largest country in Europe. The course starts with a review and subsequent reinforcement of grammar fundamentals and core vocabulary pertaining to the most common aspects of daily life. Principal emphasis is placed on the development of students' communicative skills (oral and written) on such topics as the self, family, studies and leisure, travel, meals, and others. Students will be able to write about things he/she likes to do by using familiar sentence patterns.

Beginning Latin 2

An introduction to the sounds, vocabulary and basic grammatical structures of the Latin language. Students will begin to develop a competence in reading the language through textbook drills as well as Latin stories illustrating the Roman way of life. Please note that this course will be a hybrid of three 50-minute scheduled in-class meetings and a fourth 50-minute session to be completed by students working independently, either online at home, or though taking exams at the University Testing Center.

Korean 2

At the end of the second term of the first year of study the student should be able to produce all the significant sound patterns of the language, to recognize and use the major grammatical structures within a limited core vocabulary. The student should be able a) to engage in simple conversations with native speakers about a limited number of everyday situations and b) to read and write simple material related to the situations presented.

First Year Japanese 2

The second term in the systematic presentation of the modern standard language begun in Japanese 0001.  Students will continue to develop all four skills--speaking, understanding, reading and writing with continued emphasis on content useful in everyday communications.  Writing will include the syllabaries and about 50 selected kanji characters.


Elementary French 2

As a continuation of French 0101, this three-credit course introduces students to the French language, building on skills gained in French 0101. Culturally-contextualized comprehension and production abilities in both written and spoken form are stressed. Because the focus is on communication, French 0102 is taught entirely in the target language. Objectives are similar to those in French 0101, but expanded for this more advanced level. TAUGHT IN FRENCH

Elementary Hebrew 2

Continuation of the introductory work begun in Hebrew 1. Students further develop their reading, writing and speaking skills with the greatest emphasis being placed on oral communication.




PREQ: LING 0151 or ARABIC 0121; MIN GRAD 'C'

Italian Language and Culture 2

An introduction to the Italian language, including basic grammar, vocabulary and speech patterns.  Primary goal is to achieve competence in the spoken language, along with basic skills in reading and writing. No textbook required.