Second Language

Italian Language and Culture 2

An introduction to the Italian language, including basic grammar, vocabulary and speech patterns.  Primary goal is to achieve competence in the spoken language, along with basic skills in reading and writing. No textbook required.

Beginning German 2

This is the second part of our elementary language course sequence. In these proficiency-oriented courses students begin to learn how to communicate in German. The course emphasizes all four skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - and introduces students to the culture of the German-speaking countries. Students will be working towards the A2-level of the Common European Framework of Reference. Students should plan to take either German 0103 or German 0203 during the following semester.

First Year Chinese 2

This is the 2nd term of 1st year chin language course intended for those who have completed chin 1001/0001 or its equivalent. This course continues to help students to develop basic oral and written proficiency and understand the basics of chin language and culture. Students are expected to be able to converse in limited daily life situations and write short paragraphs on personal topics. Class activities consist of pair work, group work, and presentations on the course materials and other level appropriate authentic materials.


At the end of the second term of the first year of study the student should be able to produce all the significant sound patterns of the language, to recognize and use the major grammatical structures within a limited core vocabulary. The student should be able a) to engage in simple conversations with native speakers about a limited number of everyday situations and b) to read and write simple material related to the situations presented.

Intensive Beginning Polish

This is a four-skill intensive course in beginning Polish language which is to be offered as part of the summer intensive workshops in Slavic languages.

Beginning Ancient Greek 2

GREEK 0102 constitutes the second half of the first year of instruction in Ancient Greek. The course continues to introduce students to grammar and vocabulary, and will allow them to read longer excerpts of original Greek texts towards the end of the term. It also aims to help students develop effective study skills and habits that will facilitate readings of Greek prose and poetry in the second year and beyond.

Intensive Elementary Spanish

This is a condensed version of the first two courses of the Spanish language program (Spanish 0101 and 0102, formerly 0001 and 0002), and it has been designed for students who have taken at least two years of high school Spanish or its equivalent.  Spanish 0115 follows a communicative approach:  from the first day of class you will interact in Spanish in a meaningful context with your instructor and classmates.  By the end of this course you will have a general knowledge of the grammar of the Spanish language and you will be able to communicate effectively in Spanish according to this level