Never Stop Reinventing

Bria Walker, an assistant professor in the Dietrich School's Department of Theatre Arts, talks about how she successfully adapted her Acting 3 class to provide her students with quality and continuity during the pandemic. Change is inevitable. Excellence is a choice.


In these uncertain times, we all have ideas about how things could be better. In the Dietrich School, we put those ideas into action.

Of course, Pitt’s medical researchers are leading the way through the development of vaccines and treatments. But the opportunity to make real change for good extends far beyond medicine. In this unprecedented climate, our faculty ar innovating in every field, and our current situation has transformed the world itself into a working laboratory in which to learn, experiment and solve pressing problems.

This experience has touched us all: from economics to psychology to communication to political science to art and music. Everything is changing. And our world-renowned faculty are reinventing the experimential and interdisciplinary education the Dietrich School provides. Read the stories below to see how.

Faculty Reinvent Experiences to Deliver Dietrich School Quality

Annual Studio Arts Student Exhibition Moves Online

A wide array of drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video and animation is available online in Pitt’s 2020 Studio Arts Student Exhibition and will remain online until the fall.

Art Programs at Pitt Adjust to Remote Learning

Music theory professor Marcelle Pierson explains how remote learning can open up opportunities for students. 

Lessons Learned: 3-D modeling easily made the transition online

Neuroscience faculty member Erika Fanselow’s Functional Neuroanatomy Honors Practicum had a surprisingly easy switch to an online-only existence. In fact, she says, the forced changes actually resulted in improvements to class projects in the final few weeks.

Music at Pitt Podcast

New podcasts spotlight award-winning composer Wang Xinyang, who takes inspiration from a broad spectrum of influences from traditional Chinese arts to Western concert music, and Emma Lebo, whose senior capstone project focused on New Discipline music. 

Science Instructors Find Ways to Bring the Lab to Their Students

Dietrich School faculty on the sciences have innovated new and exciting ways to keep hands-on research alive across the distance. 

Seeking Ethics Through Narrative During COVID-19

In her redesigned Literature and Medicine course, lecturer in the Department of English Uma Satyavolu challenges students to study both past and current writings to deal ethically with pandemics such as COVID-19.