Daniel H.

  • Peer Tutor

Education & Training

  • CHEM 0120 (with Professor Ward)
  • BIOSCI 0715 (with Professor Swigonova)
  • BIOSCI 0150 (with Professor Swigonova)
  • BIOSCI 0716 (with Professor Swigonova)
  • BIOSCI 0160 (with Professor Swigonova)

Research Interests

Courses supported: CHEM 0120, BIOSCI 0715, BIOSCI 0150, BIOSCI 0716, BIOSCI 0160
Post-graduation goal: Public Health/Healthcare Field

Area of Study

Biological Sciences

Tutoring Course numbers

CHEM 0120

Why did you become a tutor?
I've always loved collaborative studying, and being able to help my friends when they don't understand a concept or problem. I want to help all Pitt students reach their full academic potential. Certain classes (especially the ones I tutor for) are considered weed-out classes, but I know that all students can succeed in those classes when they study hard and efficiently.

What is your favorite thing about the subject in which you tutor?
I love how applicable the material in these classes is to the world around us. Gas laws in Chem 2 can be applied to understand the soda in your fridge, and optimal temperatures for pigments in leaves explains why the leaves change color in the fall as the weather cools.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking one of the courses you tutor?
To truly understand a concept, you need to be able to explain it in your own words. Before exams, I create a document compiling all of my notes, and then color the text white besides certain prompting words. Then, I go through the document trying to explain, define, and draw concepts, only using the notes to check my work.

Why should students come to Study Lab?
Students should come to the Study Lab because a one-hour session once a week can save you much more than one hour by learning more effective, efficient studying.