Liz S.

  • Peer Tutor

Education & Training

  • CHEM 0110 (with Professor Michael)
  • BIOSCI 0150 (with Professor O'Reilly)
  • BIOSCI 0160 (with Professor O'Reilly)
  • PSYCH 0010 (with Professor Cutanche)
  • NROSCI 1000 (with Professor Artim)

Research Interests

Courses supported: CHEM 0110, BIOSCI 0150, BIOSCI 0160, PSYCH 0010, NROSCI 1000
Post-graduation goal: Graduate School 

Area of Study


Tutoring Course numbers

CHEM 0110
PSYCH 0010

Post- Graduation Plan

Graduate School

Why did you become a tutor?
I loved being a TA and wanted to wanted to get even more experience helping to teach students, and improve my ability to work as a TA. I believe I can provide students with new study strategies and advice for their science courses and more. I find teaching and learning all these courses to lots of fun and I want to share that with others..

What is your favorite thing about the subject in which you tutor?
I like to come up with memorization tricks for the memory based courses and I like to collaborate with other students to think outside the box on more challenging problems.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking one of the courses you tutor?
Draw things out and look at the big picture. Any way that you can visualize things in your head and the connections between individual topics will help a lot.

Why do you think students should come to Study Lab?
I think its a great way to further enhance your knowledge and study skills. Its also a great place to start if you're overwhelmed and just don't know where to start!