Nate K.

  • Peer Tutor

Education & Training

  • mathematics-economics major, Certificate in Writing for the Professions
  • High achievement in ECON 1110 (with Dr. Malloy and Dr. Berkowitz)
  • High achievement in ECON 1150 (with Dr. Zincenko)
  • High achievement in ECON 1200
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Dr. Shaver's ECON 1110

Research Interests

Courses supported: ECON 1110, ECON 1150, ECON 1200
Post-graduation goal:  As of the time I am writing, I plan to return to PNC where I interned last summer in their model risk group. It is a quantitative role where the risks inherent to using financial models are assessed, reported and controlled. It was a great experience and allowed me to use economic theory and mathematical techniques in a real world setting.

Area of Study


Tutoring Course numbers

ECON 1110
ECON 1150
ECON 1200

Post- Graduation Plan


Why did you become a tutor?
I became a tutor for several reasons. Tutoring is a great way for me to stay familiar with material from previous classes and get to work with and meet students of similar backgrounds and interests to me. It is rewarding to help other students improve and feel that I made a difference in their progress.

What is your favorite thing about the subject in which you tutor? 
I really enjoy econometrics in particular, because it has many real world applications I have been able to personally experience. I think that the skills and frameworks you develop in understanding that topic in particular can help in whatever career you pursue.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking one of the courses you tutor? 
In most math and economic classes, I generally believe that if you can do every problem in the book then you will be sufficiently prepared for any test. Generally I just put in the time until I reach that point

Why did you seek out tutoring?
As a first-year student, I used the Math Assistance Center (MAC) for help with calculus classes. Sometimes, it was easier to seek out help from upperclassmen that way when I wasn't sure if I was doing something properly. It definitley helped.

What is the most valuable experience you have had when you were being tutored?
I think the best tutors/professors are those that can refine your way of thinking, rather than just leading you to an answer. I had several experiences like the former when I attended the MAC, which helped me succeed in early math classes.

Why should students come to Study Lab?
There are many smart and hardworking tutors that are easily accessible and free for students. Even if just for a brief review before a test, it's a good resource that I would take advantage of.