Sailor G., she/her/hers

  • Peer Tutor

Research Interests

Courses supported: CHEM 0110, CHEM 0120
Post-graduation goal:  Undecided

Area of Study

Biological Sciences

Tutoring Course numbers

CHEM 0110, Fortney
CHEM 0120, Fortney

Post- Graduation Plan

Medical School


Why did you become a tutor?
I love the content and feel that my level of understanding could greatly benefit others.

What is your favorite thing about the subject in which you tutor?
Chemistry is amazing and it is applicable in medicine, agriculture, and so many other things.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking one of the courses you tutor?
Ask questions! lots of questions! -- you can think of and as soon as it comes to mind, it can futher your understanding of the content.