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Spring 2021 Message from the Associate Dean

Throughout this past year, we faced enormous challenges and adversity as the global pandemic forced us to enter unchartered territory. Our students, faculty, and staff had to quickly pivot from in-person learning to a virtual learning model and a different way of interacting with each other. We all had to be adaptable and flexible as we identified and explored new ways to learn, connect, support, and build community with each other.

One year later, I am profoundly grateful as well as extremely inspired by the way students, faculty, and staff worked so brilliantly together to overcome the hurdles encountered daily. They not only continued to persevere and adapt under extraordinary circumstances, but they also broke down boundaries and forged new partnerships on campus and within the Pittsburgh community. We have seen innovation, creativity, and resiliency shine brightly through the darkest of days.

This special edition of Pitt Pride celebrates just a few of the many success stories that emerged from these exceptional times. I can say without hesitation that never have we come together as a school, University, and community to join forces and work collaboratively as we have done this past year.

We feature faculty members Bri Walker and Frayda Cohen who discuss how they reformatted their classes, incorporating new learning methods to keep students engaged in a virtual format. Our students showed us how innovative and creative they could be as they persisted in this new learning environment, including earning the prestigious Goldwater and Marshall scholarships. Our staff are certainly the unsung heroes, who continued to diligently provide the excellent service to our students even when forced to working remotely.

We congratulate and celebrate all our students, but especially our graduating seniors who will be recognized during a combination in-person/virtual commencement ceremony on May 4, at 11 a.m., at PNC Park. We encourage family and friends to celebrate virtually with our students by visiting commencement.pitt.edu for more information.

To our students, faculty, and staff, you all have been our heroes and champions this past year. We thank you for your dedication, flexibility, adaptability, and ingenuity to forge ahead in uncertain times despite the many challenges that you faced. You exemplify why the Dietrich School is such an extraordinary place to teach, learn, and work.

- John A. Twyning
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies


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