Preparing for your Transfer Advising Appointment

Please complete the items in this checklist before meeting with your advisor:

1 Be sure you have reviewed all of the information on the Welcome page carefully. If you have not please go back and do so now.
2 Review the placement guidelines and take any assessments that apply to you. Placement assessments are required for some courses offered through Biology, Mathematics, Music Theory, and Languages before you can enroll. 
3 Review the information about your intended major, or if undecided, look over the range of opportunities.
4 Review your transfer credit evaluation to determine what general education requirements you still need to satisfy.
5 Add a few of your anticipated courses to your enrollment shopping cart. When you meet with your advisor, together you will discuss your schedule options to help ensure that what you choose to take is appropriate for your first term. 
6 Write down any questions you may have so you can be sure to get them answered.

Once you complete these items, you are ready to meet with your advisor!