My Forbes & Fifth Story

Forbes & Fifth, Pitt's student-led interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate research, features dynamic works of student writing from every field of study. It's where students share their Dietrich School stories: the varied interests they've explored, the independent research they've conducted, and the curiosities they've followed to unprecedented levels of understanding. Hear from four editors, whose Dietrich School stories can truly be found in the pages of Forbes & Fifth.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Katherine Mooney

Says Katherine Mooney, Forbes & Fifth editor-in-chief in 2015-16, “More and more, it’s necessary, I think, for you to be multidisciplinary, for you to be aware of the world around you, and of the perspectives that other people have that you don’t. And I think being published in Forbes & Fifth is an eye opener."


Diversity of Interests: Prerna Rangnathan

From math papers to art galleries, from economics essays to short stories, Forbes & Fifth celebrates a range of submissions. “We want natural science students to know that this is an opportunity,” says Prerna Ranganathan, a mathematical biology major and editor of Forbes & Fifth.


The Sky's the Limit: Mason Shope

“Everything that we publish is a success story," says Mason Shope, a Forbes & Fifth editor from 2014 to 2016. "Not only does it provide you with the peace of mind that you’re doing something with what you’re studying, it provides you with a resume line."


The World of Independent Research: Rachel Stachelrodt

“The most exciting part of being part of Forbes & Fifth is seeing the variety of stuff that students are studying. It’s crazy to see what other kids are interested in, and willing to investigate on their time at such a high scholarly level,” says founding editor Rachel Stachelrodt.