Meet Reena

Reena Naik

Reena Naik (Economics and Political Science)
Continuing Experiences in Research (CE-R)
Project: “International Network of Legal Arbitration”

The Continuing Experiences in Research (CE-R) program allows students to gain the skills necessary to successfully carry out an individual research project in a unique setting. My class consisted of two others students and a professor. The class was dedicated to social science research in particular. This allowed for a very intimate and wholesome experience. I learned about the different ways I could conduct research in the social sciences and the challenges facing my field of research.

My favorite part about this program was that it was the “next step” in my research career after the First Experiences in Research program. I was able to design my own research project after enrolling in CE-R. The unique part of this program is that it acts as the transition between being a research assistant and becoming an independent researcher. My professor, Dr. Andrew Lotz, connected me with multiple resources that supported my own individual research endeavors. He helped me to craft my first grant proposal, which was successful accepted into the Brackenridge Fellowship program.

I also began to think about my research project in the long-term. Not only did CE-R connect me with funding opportunities, but it also allowed me to think about the possibility of writing a thesis. For those who want to take their research projects to the “next level”, this program caters towards students who are very serious about their research. It was a very important part in my research career here at Pitt and I highly value the information I learned from it.