Sport Studies Certificate

The Sport Studies Certificate offers students the opportunity to engage, learn, and think critically about sport as part of the human experience from multidisciplinary approaches. Students learn how sport shapes economies, politics, world history, health, science and social life.

This certificate enhances students’ understanding of sport—its evolution, complexities and potential—and better prepares them for working in a sport-related field, such as sports media, sport for development, coaching and marketing. The more knowledge of the larger economic, political, social and historical forces shaping sport that students have, the more effective they can be in their professional careers. 

Courses for the Sport Studies Certificate examine sport from the disciplines of Africana studies, anthropology, classics, economics, English literature, gender and sexuality, history, philosophy and sociology. Other courses are based on analytics, and film and media studies.

This certificate requires completion of 18 credits in courses that focus on sport, described below.

Gateway courses

Select one three-credit gateway course from the following list. These courses offer an expansive, multi-disciplinary overview of sport.

  • ANTH 0711 Introduction to the Anthropology of Sport
  • HIST 1082 Women, Gender, Sport
  • HIST 1083 History of Sport

Foundational course

Select one foundational course from the following list.

  • ANTH 0780 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • GSWS 0100 Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
  • HIST 0601 US Since Reconstruction
  • HIST 1645/ECON 1010 American Economic Hist
  • HIST 1661 Gender and Sexuality
  • HIST 1685 US Popular Culture
  • SOC 0005 Societies
  • SOC 0460 Race and Ethnicity

Elective courses

Select four courses from the following list. After one Gateway course is taken, other Gateway courses (*) can be taken to meet the Elective requirement. After the Foundational course is taken, other Foundational courses may not be counted toward the elective requirement.

  • ATHLTR 1811 Basic Athletic Training (in SHRS)
  • AFRCNA 0120 African American Experience in Sport
  • ANTH 0711 Anthropology of Sport *
  • ANTH 1744 Anthropology of the Olympics
  • ANTH 1746 Olympic Identity
  • CLASS 0032 / HIST 1746 Athletics of the Ancient World
  • ECON 0460 Sports Economics
  • ENGCMP 0435 The Public Athlete
  • ENGLIT 0627 Literature of Sport
  • ENGFLM 0585 / FMST 0790 Technologies of the Body
  • ENGWRT 1393 Sports Writing
  • FMST 1885 Broadcast I
  • GSWS 0200 Sex, Race, Pop Culture
  • GSWS 1130 Gendered Bodies
  • HIST 1082 Women, Gender, Sport *
  • HIST 1083 History of Sport *
  • HIST 1095 Sport and Global Capitalism
  • INFSCI 053 Decision-Making in Sports
  • PHIL 1319 Ethics and Sport
  • PS 1220 Sport and American Politics
  • RELGST 1511 Yoga: Of Loincloth and Lululemon
  • RELGST 1428 Religion and Sport
  • SOC 0465 Sociology of Sport

Internship credit

One three-credit internship may take the place of one elective course, pending approval by certificate oversight committee.

Grade Requirements

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses that count toward the certificate.

Satisfactory/No Credit Option

Any number of courses that count toward this certificate may be taken on the S/NC basis.

For more information

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