Meet Our Peer Tutors


I'm a Mathematical Biology major. I tutor Physics, and I love tutoring because I love seeing that 'aha!' moment when it all makes sense. If I could give one piece of advice to a student, it would be to be patient with the material.


I am a Pharmacy major from Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. I tutor Chemistry 2, Biology 2, and Statistics 200. My favorite part about being a tutor is helping others reach their full potential. When I am not doing school work or tutoring, I enjoy running and dancing with the Pitt Ballet Club. 


I'm a Economics major who will be tutoring PHIL 0500, Introduction to Logic, this semester. For me, the best part of tutoring has always been witnessing the efforts of students pay off when they grasp a concept or solve a problem that they were struggling with. I think the best advice I could give my students would be to budget their time and stay focused.


I am majoring in Psychology. I am tutoring Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods in Psychology. What I enjoy most about tutoring is helping students with things that I have needed help with in the past. One piece of advice I would give to my students is to have a plan about how you are going to study for an exam, or complete a project.


I'm majoring in Biology and Sociology. I'll be tutoring in Foundations of Biology 2 and Introduction to Neuroscience. Although I feel like Pittsburgh is home now, I'm originally from central New Jersey! In my limited free time I like to paint and play video games.


I'm majoring in Neuroscience. I'm currently tutoring Organic Chemistry 1 and Introduction to Neuroscience. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and playing badminton. A piece of advice I would give my students is to not be afraid of the subject based on other students views/ experiences! Anything can be tackled with a bit of hard work and dedication!


I major in Biological Sciences and Chinese. I tutor Foundations of Biology I, General Chemistry I, and General Chemistry II. Tutoring is such a rewarding experience because not only am I able to help my peers understand material, but I am also able to learn new ways to improve my teaching methods from them. Here’s a quick piece of advice for any class you may be taking: Don’t just solve a problem for an answer, but solve a problem for the process to get the answer because it’s easier to memorize one procedure, than to memorize 100 answers.