Study Lab Remote: Distance Learning Services

Study Lab will offer all tutoring and coaching services virtually in the Spring term. Tutoring will begin Sunday, January 31st. You can make coaching appointments right now and begin to make tutoring appointments on Monday, January 25th.   

Students can continue to schedule tutoring and coaching appointments through the Navigate Student App

Remote Tutoring: How to Connect with your Tutor

When you schedule a tutoring appointment, a link to your tutor's "virtual classroom" will be included in your confirmation email from Pathways. You will also receive a reminder email with the link included closer to the start time of your appointment. Please lookout for these emails so you can connect with your tutor at your scheduled time. You do not need to download any software or register to use this service. The online tutoring platform does work best when using the Google Chrome browser. Within the online platform you can share files, screens and whiteboards. Have any documents or files you would like to share ready at the start of your appointment with your tutor. For a demonstration on how the tutoring platform works, you can check out this video.

How to make the most of your online tutoring session

  1. Make sure you note the day and time of your tutoring appointment. All tutoring appointments scheduled in Pathways are in EST, if you are located in a different time zone please note the difference!
  2. Be ready early so you don’t waste time with your tutor on set-up or technical issues. The tutoring platform works best on Google Chrome. Make sure you allow your internet browser to access your microphone and camera. If you have technical issues you may find some helpful tips here
  3. Focus! Turn off interruptions, log out of other sites/apps that might distract you while working with your tutor.
  4. Find a quiet location to work with your tutor so you can hear each other clearly. 
  5. Provide as much information to your tutor as possible. You can share files in the online tutoring platform so you can both be looking at the same material. Have those files ready before your session if you would like to reference them with your tutor.
  6. If something isn’t making sense, directly ask your tutor for clarification or to go through an example. Ask questions!

Remote Coaching

When you make an academic coaching appointment, whether online or over the phone, please indicate whether you would like to meet over Skype/Zoom or just over the phone. If you took the LASSI, the study skills inventory, we can view your results before our meeting so you do not need to share those results with us yourself. We can share resources during our meeting and follow up with files/documents that we talked about after the meeting to make sure you have all the necessary information as you work through your courses.