Workshops on Request

If you are an FP instructor and would like a Study Lab presentation for your fall 2023 FP course, please click here.

Thank you for inviting one of our academic coaches to visit with your group or organization. We are excited to present relevant, research-based strategies that will help your students become more effective and efficient learners! All presenters are current Pitt undergraduates who have proven ability in mastering course content and have been trained in strategies that are proven to help students succeed.

Academic coaches should have the ability to present a PowerPoint presentation. If that is not possible in your location, please be sure to let us know so the Academic Coach can be prepared with handouts. 

Please request a presentation 3-4 weeks in advance when possible. Later requests will be scheduled to the best of our ability. 

At this time, we are offering two different skill-building experiences, described below. Both last about 30-40 minutes. Please complete the form below, and we will get back to you within a week to finalize the details.

Plan Your Success
This experience is best toward the beginning of a term as it covers goal setting, term planning and time management strategies. Students will learn why thinking about and setting goals is important, along with how to set realistic goals. Students will then be able to apply time management techniques to ensure they can meet or exceed those goals. 

Study Skills Boot Camp
This experience covers cognitive science-based study strategies that help students to become effective and efficient students. The presentation covers the four phases of a learning cycle: learning, studying for an exam, taking an exam, and after the exam. Students will leave with strategies to support long-term retention of information, as well as tips for tackling exams.

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