About the OUR


The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (OUR) connects Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences undergraduates with opportunities to engage in inquiry or investigation to make an original intellectual or creative contribution to an academic discipline. The OUR recognizes undergraduates as active participants in the production of knowledge within the University community and aims to foster a supportive environment for undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity.

What is undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research includes, but is not limited to, scientific inquiry, creative activity, and scholarship.

How do undergraduates research?

Undergraduate research can occur through a research-based course, self-directed projects, faculty research mentorship, field studies, service learning, and more. Some students may participate in a formal research mentorship program like First Experiences in Research or they may apply to award programs like the Summer Undergraduate Research Award.

Why do undergraduates research?

Undergraduates research to explore their curiosities, passions, academic interests or career pathways. These experiences provide an opportunity to hone inquiry skills and techniques, while developing personally and professionally. Undergraduates may also conduct research to publish or present their work.

Who benefits from undergraduate research?

The University community as a whole is a major beneficiary of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. A University is a community of scholars that relies on the production of knowledge and perspectives of all its members. As a result, the OUR encourages all undergraduates to participate in research, regardless of GPA or prior experience. As research increases students' learning and strengthens the bonds between students and faculty, the OUR fosters opportunities for all students.

Begin exploring research opportunities by contacting an Undergraduate Mentor or an OUR staff person!