Meet the Undergraduate Mentors

2018–19 Undergraduate Mentors Update in Process

The Undergraduate Mentors work with fellow students to connec them to research experiences that advance their own academic interests. Set up an appointment with a UM today!

Sarah Atta Bio forthcoming!

Iyanna Boatwright-Buffaloe Bio forthcoming!

Brittany Chamberlain Bio forthcoming!

Rowan Connelly, Social Work Major, Africana Studies Minor, History Minor 

Contact me if you're interested in Pitt's School of Social Work, research in the social sciences, finding volunteer opportunities, the arts and cultural scene in Pittsburgh, or just want to chat about Philadelphia.

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Thomas Freitag Bio forthcoming!

Reagan Harper, Anthropology Major, Architecture Major (Historic Preservation Track), and Museum Studies Minor

Contact me if you are interested in architectural history, museum archives, or the Nationality Rooms.

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SiLang Huang Bio forthcoming!

Erica Hughes Bio forthcoming!

Michael Kane Bio forthcoming!

Sarah KorosReligious Studies and Sociology Majors, Philosophy Minor, Jewish Studies Certificate

Contact me if you're interested in sociology, philosophy, religion, Jewish studies, or cats and dogs! I have research experience in critical theory, continental philosophy of religion, Jewish philosophy and Jewish art history. 

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Rachana NayakNeuroscience Major, Chemistry Minor, History Minor, Global Studies Certificate

Contact me if you are interested in discussing geography, culture, majoring in neuroscience, or research in neuroscience.

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Prachi Patel Bio forthcoming!

Salina Pressimone Bio forthcoming!

Alexandra Rich Bio forthcoming!

Abay Tadesse Bio forthcoming!

Tara Taheri Bio forthcoming!

John TalleyNeuroscience Major, Chemistry Minor, Political Science Minor, American Sign Language Certificate

Contact me if you're interested in finding a way to relate your science interests in a social approach, finding your voice through new music opportunities, or debating which dog breeds are superior.

Chloe ZhangComputer Science and Philosophy Majors

Contact me if you are interested in talking about literature, Chinese culture and language, math, physics, or eating Asian food!

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