Semester at a Glance

It's the beginning of the term. You just got all your syllabi. What do you do? Don't just toss them in a folder! Go through each syllabus and pull out the important information for each class and put it all in one place. This way, you don't need to be looking up office hours each week or wonder how much that quiz may be worth. It takes time to do that whenever you need to answer a question about a particular class. Gather all that information in one place and put it somewhere you can easily access it. Save it on your desktop. Put it in the front of your binder or planner. Just make sure it is easily accessible! Below is an example of what you might want to include in your organizer. Feel free to add other information you may think is important such as dates for major exams, projects or papers. Or available resources for the class. Recitations or UTA office hours may be helpful too. Include what will make the most sense for you and the courses you are taking. 

It may also be helpful to note deadlines on a calendar with important dates to note in the academic calendar. A template for the Spring 2021 term can be found here

Class           Days & Times   Location      Office Hours   Grade Breakdown       

Download a PDF of the Semester at a Glance.