We start building a community right away—before most people even get to campus in fact. You and your fellow BRIDGES members can move onto campus early by attending our exclusive pre-orientation retreat weekend. Not only will you get to meet like-minded students and settle in before other first-year students, you will also get to:

  • get insider tips on how to make the transition to Pitt a successful and enjoyable one,
  • interact with Pitt’s world-class faculty members,
  • participate in fun activities with BRIDGES mentors and incoming students, and
  • explore the campus and city.

The BRIDGES Retreat this year will be August 16-18.  If students have not received an email with a registration link, please email

"The orientation event is nice because it gives a head start on the whole college process. You get to move in early, get acquainted with the campus quicker, and most importantly, get inducted socially. The retreat allowed me to make early connections with people with similar backgrounds, connections that have lasted and benefitted me throughout the entire year." - Milo Davis, Computer Science

Pitt Stops

BRIDGES students experience similar goals, challenges, and victories. So once a month, we get together in small groups with a BRIDGES mentor and talk about it. You’ll have the chance to share your success stories, ask questions, learn about unique campus opportunities and find new resources. It’s a relaxed, yet structured peer advising opportunity, where you can get advice or give it. A crowd favorite among current BRIDGES students, attendance at the monthly Pitt Stops are the only requirement to maintain your BRIDGES membership.

"I benefitted from the Pitt Stop talks because they were a great way to get the opinion and perspective of older, experienced students along with younger students. I also liked how they had themes that framed the conversations and were really helpful during the first year development. The advice I received was so helpful and enlightening." - Hudson Carter, Microbiology


Network with the folks who know how to make it in the medical professions. Study for finals with your friends. Check out the University Honors College or connect to an internship. Strategize about how to maximize your time to get the most out of your studies and your social life. BRIDGES offers a wide range of events to keep you connected and move you toward your post-graduation goals. 

"The event that I have benefitted the most from would have to be the Guaranteed 4.0 seminar. The transition from high school to being a freshman in college is a difficult one. Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to adjust and keep up with the classes and their respective workloads. I was doing well in my classes, but the idea of having a 4.0 was very appealing, so I decided to sign up. Attending this program was probably one of the best decisions I have made since being at Pitt! The program was extremely helpful and effective, and definitely opened my eyes to a whole new way to learn! I would definitely recommend this program to others." - Ashley Greene, Nursing