Resources for Instructors

Connect your students to Study Lab using the resources that work best for you.

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Study Lab is available to support your academic success through a variety of services including peer tutoring, academic coaching, and online resources. Study Lab can be found in G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center. Check their website for further information or call 412-648-7920 to learn how to access these beneficial resources.

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We have created a page in the Canvas Commons that provides information on all of our services. You can find it in the Commons by searching "Study Lab" or just click this link

Think students in your course could benefit from further developing college level study skills? We have a course for that!

We have put together a short Canvas course, Study Lab's Study Skills Modules, that students can enroll in. The course covers five important aspects of study skills: time management, focus, active studying, exam preparation and test-taking skills. As students progress through the modules they will complete a series of short exercises, watch videos and be introduced to helpful resources in each of these areas. Each module takes about 10-15 minutes to complete; students should be able to finish the full course in an hour. Upon completion of the course, students can receive a certificate of completion. If you would like students to complete the course as part of a class assignment, they can provide you with the certificate as proof of their participation in the course. You can provide your students with this link and they will be able to enroll themselves in the course: If you have any questions regarding the course, please get in touch with us!

Share our resources

Check out the Tools and Resources for specific handouts and study skills resources that may be relevant for students in your course. Resources include content specific videos for various courses and short videos on important study skills. Feel free to include them in your Canvas site or provide in class if you think students will find it relevant in your course.

Bring a skill-building experience to your students!

We offer two basic workshops which include relevant, research-based strategies that will help your students become more effective and efficient learners. We can also tailor these workshops to fit the particular needs of your classroom. For example, if your class is more discussion rather than lecture, we can provide tips on how to approach note-taking in a discussion based class. If your class requires a lot of difficult reading, we can provide strategies on how to approach reading different types of text. If you are interested in having a tutor come to your class and talk about what to expect and how to prepare for a tutoring session we can also facilitate that. You can fill out the form here to let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your specific requests. 

Know of a student who would be a great tutor?

If you know of a student interested in becoming a tutor, or one that you think would make an excellent tutor, please send them our way! You can connect them directly with Mary Napoli ( or send them to our information page about how to become a peer tutor: Tutors must have earned at least an A- in the courses they wish to tutor and have a recommendation from a faculty member. We hire two times per year. In November we interview for spring tutoring positions and in March we interview for fall term tutoring positions. We hire many more tutors to start tutoring in the fall rather than the spring.