Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is now open! You may begin scheduling appointments.

Study Lab will be open for in-person and virtual tutoring Monday-Thursday with daytime and evening availabilities. All in-person appointments between 10am and 4pm will be held in G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center. In-person appointments between 4pm and 7pm will be held in Hillman Library. You will find your tutor on the first floor, sitting in front of Saxby's Cafe with a brightly colored name plate. If you have trouble finding them, their email is in the confirmation message you receive when you schedule your appointment. 

To make an appointment, schedule online through the Navigate Student App, call 412-648-7920, or chat with us on our websiteIf you would like a same-day appointment, please call our office at 412-648-7920. 

We will be supporting the following courses this summer:

Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0150 - Foundations of Biology 1
BIOSC 0160 - Foundations of Biology 2
BIOSC 0350 - Genetics
BIOSC 1000 - Biochemistry
BIOSC 1250 - Human Physiology
BIOSC 1850 - Microbiology

CHEM 0110 - General Chemistry 1
CHEM 0120 - General Chemistry 2
CHEM 0310 - Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 0320 - Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM 0960 - General Chemistry for Engineering 1
CHEM 0970 - General Chemistry for Engineering 2


ECON 0110 - Intro Macroeconomic Theory


PHYS 0110 – Intro to Physics 1
PHYS 0111 – Intro to Physics 2
PHYS 0174 – Basic Physics for Science and Engineering 1
PHYS 0175 – Basic Physics for Science and Engineering 2