Three students study together

Co-Lab offers a collaborative learning environment to support peer-to-peer success.

Co-Lab is focused on improving academic achievement for STEM students in CHEM 0110. Through weekly study sessions led by an Undergraduate Learning Guide, students work together to master course content, apply new study strategies to their learning process, and form a supportive group of peers to help you work through rigorous academics.  



When you sign up to participate in Co-Lab, you are making a commitment not only to your own success, but the success of your peers. You will be expected to attend every week and actively participate in the study session. It is helpful to make sure you are up to date on course content and putting in the work outside of your weekly sessions to make the most effective use of your time. Weekly sessions will be a time for you to interact with course material in creative ways that help you to develop independent learning skills in a collaborative environment. Activities in Co-Lab sessions will enhance your deeper learning of course content.  



By joining a Co-Lab group, you will be investing in your success not just in this course, but in future STEM courses. You will be learning the most effective and efficient strategies for approaching new material and best of all, you’ll be doing it with a community of like-minded peers who will act as an important part of your network for success.  


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Become a Learning Guide

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