About Study Lab

Welcome to Study Lab! We are glad that you are here. Study Lab is the Dietrich School’s academic support center for undergraduate students. We believe all students can be successful at Pitt if given the right support to hone their academic skills and content knowledge. Study Lab has a large staff of peer tutors, certified as at least Level I College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) tutors or Level II tutors. This ensures that students seeking out tutoring support for challenging courses are working with peers trained in relevant, research-based strategies to support their academic development. Our student staff is motivated to help their peers meet their academic goals!

In addition to our students, we have professional staff who are also ready to support students in exploring different study strategies through academic coaching. Our academic coaches work individually with students to determine the study strategies that work best for them and their specific coursework. Finally, we have a large collection of online content to help students strengthen their academic skills in a variety of areas in addition to content specific support. I hope that you take advantage of all that we have to offer to make your journey at Pitt enjoyable.

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Mission Statement

At Study Lab, our mission is to provide comprehensive tools and resources along with individualized assistance to students in achieving their goals by providing opportunities to explore study strategies and connect with peers to build academic skills, increase confidence and become independent learners. 


Study Lab has been a part of the University of Pittsburgh, in various forms, since the 1970s. In the 70s and 80s, it was housed in the University Challenge for Excellence Program (UCEP). Then, the center transitioned to its’ current home in the Undergraduate Studies department of the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences as the Academic Resource Center (ARC). In 2019, in response to evaluations and assessments conducted on student programming needs, the ARC was rebranded as Study Lab to better communicate to the student population the kinds of services students can take advantage of within the unit. 

Virtual Tour

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About CRLA

CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals in the fields of learning assistance, reading, tutoring and peer educating at the college level. CRLA promotes the use of innovative strategies to enhance student learning. Since 1989, CRLA has certified programs around the globe who adhere to standards of excellence in tutor programming in higher education. Study Lab is proud to be affiliated with CRLA and the many learning centers across the globe committed to quality student support programming.