About Bridges

Group of students

Building Relationships

  • You’ll partner with a peer mentor who started just where you are today and have a chance to connect with students embarking on a similar experience.

  • You’ll have a support network of people who share not just common goals, but also common challenges: Pressure to maintain high academic performance, a desire to make their families proud, and having a robust college experience.

Inspiring Diversity

  • BRIDGES is for underrepresented scholarship recipients who come from around the country and world.

  • We generate discussion about the topics that are important and the things that matter to you as an underrepresented college student.

Generating Excellence in Scholarship

  • You’ll have access to a variety of unique resources and opportunities on campus.

  • You’ll learn insider tips and tricks to maximize—and balance—your time, academic performance, and social life.

  • BRIDGES provides unique leadership opportunities that will help you grow as an individual and build marketable skills that look great on a résumé. As you progress through the program, you’ll have the opportunity to serve as a BRIDGES leader and even mentor incoming students.

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