Information for Student-Athletes

Congratulations on becoming a student athlete at the University of Pittsburgh! Being a student athlete is a great experience that will provide you with many opportunities and unique challenges during your college career.


As a student athlete you will receive a lot of support.

  • Your Academic Advisor will be assigned through the Dietrich School Advising Center.
  • Your Athletic Academic Counselor will be assigned based on your specific sport through the Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes. Check out the list of academic counselors


As an athlete you will need to balance your studies with a demanding athletic schedule.

You must register for a minimum of 12 credits to be a full-time student and to be eligible as an athlete. An average load for a typical student is around 15 credits.   

Before picking your classes you must review your practice and conditioning schedule for the fall. Practice times are subject to change so make sure that you verify things with your coach and athletic academic counselor prior to scheduling your coursework.

In addition to the 1 credit courses listed below, we recommend taking 4-5 regular courses (usually 3 credits each) that can count toward your major, general education requirements, prerequisite courses for a specific program, or elective courses that you are interested in. 

  • Plan to take PEDC 0090 – Varsity Sports 1. A maximum of 4 credits in Physical Education can be used toward graduation.  Only one credit of Varsity Sports can be earned per term. Students must be a varsity athlete to enroll. 
  • Plan to take FP 0001 – Academic Foundations. This is a small group course designed to help first-year students adjust to life as a college student. Through in-class and out of class opportunities, you will learn about: 1) our university and its resources; 2) academic skills and services; 3) academic communication and honesty; 4) educational goals.          

Summer courses 

If you will be attending during the Summer Session, you can register for summer classes by contacting your academic advisor.