Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Bayne

Lindsay Bayne

(English Writing, French Language and Literature, and Psychology, BS '15)
Former Editor, Forbes & Fifth

As a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, I find it hard to believe that my time at Forbes & Fifth has come to an end. But what is even more difficult to fathom is how the journal has grown in the few years that I have been with the publication. I first joined in my sophomore year at Pitt. I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, and my interests (and potential majors) were scattered and messy. I’m still unsure of what my future holds, but my time with the journal has taught me that uncertainty can be powerful. It yields a space with room for exploration.

To say the least, my work with Forbes & Fifth has laid a fantastic foundation for my prospective career in editing and publishing. I have gained experience in copyediting, fact-checking, proofreading, and general publishing. But I believe that the overarching experience of working with such an incredible publication is what I will carry with me. Working as an editor at Forbes & Fifth allowed me to build relationships that will last a lifetime. In collaboration among editors, writers, readers, and others, those involved with Forbes & Fifth have the opportunity to dive into worlds they may not have known existed, be they Mongolian Folk Music or the history of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Reading, reviewing, editing, and compiling pieces that cross the borders of University disciplines allows for a learning experience that cannot be achieved in any other setting. It’s the opportunity to share and demonstrate the whimsical variety the powerful minds of our university have to offer.

As I say goodbye to Forbes & Fifth and move forward in my career, I will always be grateful for the friends and mentors that I have found in the OUR. I firmly believe that my success as an undergraduate would not have been possible without the constant encouragement and advocacy of the OUR and the wonderful connections I have made within the department. Forbes & Fifth has meant everything to me, and I will take my experience wherever I go. And with pride, I will watch as our brilliant publication continues to thrive at an incredible pace. I can’t wait to see where it goes.