Paths to Research

At the Dietrich School, students follow many paths to connect to research opportunities. Enrolling in First Experiences in Research, traveling for field studies in New York City or London, seeking funding to develop independent research projects… Every student’s path is unique.

Jerome White (neuroscience, chemistry)

Jerome started out doing research for a few hours a day in a faculty mentor’s lab as a a sophomore. But the OUR’s Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) allowed him to dive into his research 40 hours a week during the summer.  

Salina Pressimone (political science, global studies certificate)

Salina participated in First Experiences in Research, assisting Associate Professor in the Department of Africana Studies Yolanda Covington-Ward. The next year, Salina’s New York City Field Studies experience culminated in a meeting with an immigration reporter at The New York Times.

Shayla Staley (anthropology, gender, sexuality and women’s studies)

As a first-year student, Shayla traveled to London as part of the field studies program to research levels of comfort with sexual orientation and how it plays a role in mental health on college campuses. Researching gender identities and emotional health is part of Shayla’s work to become a pediatrician or women’s care provider.