Placement Guidelines

Subject Area Detailed Instructions You Should Take This Assessment If...
Biology  Online 

You are planning to take BIOSC 0150: Foundations of Biology 1 

English Composition 


You did not submit official SAT and/or ACT scores to the University in order to select the appropriate starting point in the required composition sequence and/or have not earned equivalent credit for Seminar in Composition, either through transfer or advanced standing credit. 

NOTE: Students that received an Evidence Based Reading and Writing SAT score of 560 or higher or an ACT English score of 24 or higher are exempt from taking Workshop in Composition and are eligible to enroll in any of the Seminar in Composition (ENGCMP 0200) course equivalents.

English Language Proficiency Test Online All International Undergraduate students are required to take the English Language Proficiency Test unless they are from one of the English Proficiency exempt countries. Review ELP exempt countries.

French Language

See Dept. Guidelines You are interested in taking a French language course or another course offered through the French department.
German Language  See Dept. Guidelines You are interested in taking a German language course and you would like more guidance on your course selection.

Italian Language 

Online You want to continue studying the Italian Language.


NOTE: There is a $20 fee (plus tax) to take the ALEKS Placement Exam for math.


You plan to enroll in a math course beyond the level of college algebra (MATH 0031)--such as Preparation for Scientific Calculus (MATH 0200), Business Calculus (MATH 0120), Analytical Geometry and Calculus 1 (MATH 0220), or Finite Mathematics (MATH 0400)--and have not earned college credit for the prerequisite course, regardless of your Math SAT or Math ACT score.

* Note: During the Test Optional Pilot Period which has been extended to Fall 2023 (Regardless of SAT or ACT scores), students will exempt the Algebra requirement
by getting a B grade or higher in a high school Pre-Calculus, Calculus or Algebra II course. 

Music Theory


You are considering a major or minor in music. A sufficient score will exempt you from the pre-requisite course for music majors and minors, Music 0100, Fundamentals of Western Music. 

Spanish Language

See Dept. Guidelines

You are a heritage learner, you are a transfer student bringing in Spanish coursework, or if you took 4 years of Spanish in high school and have additional experience with the language (studying or living abroad in a Spanish speaking country).