The Academic Experience

“In both the arts and sciences, the search for understanding begins with questioning, hypotheses, and research; and then progresses to assumptions, testing, results, and conclusions. And in both cases, the process is worthless unless the investigator, researcher, or essayist can effectively and coherently organize their ideas and communicate them to others. ... Thus, students of science and mathematics need to learn the humanities, and liberal arts students need to master the basics of math and science.”

—Elisabeth Ashmore (Neuroscience major with minors in English and Mathematics)

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Pursue Your Passions

Sometimes the road to success isn’t a straight line from point A to point B, or one that’s been traveled a million times before. Success takes you off the beaten path, and it will probably take you down more than just one road.

The Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is a place to explore your interests and discover countless possibilities, rather than choosing one narrow path. And while our outstanding faculty members and academic advisors are excellent guides along the way, it’s your path. You choose your own direction, which branches to follow, which turns to take.

Design and customize your own personal educational experience. Try new things, take risks, and explore multiple interests all at the same time ... all while earning credits toward graduation.

And, since a liberal arts education is designed to help you develop the skills employers want, any academic path you choose moves you closer to your career goals. Because you’re not just building a resume, you’re building a foundation for your future.

So what’s your passion? Where does your path start?

Explore Your Interests

Areas of Interest

Explore majors and minors, enrichment opportunities, and career paths across a wide range of interest areas: The Arts, Cultures and Languages, Math and Numbers, People and Society, Pre-Health Careers, Science, and Words and Stories. 

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements (GERs) are a buffet for your brain—more than just requirements, they are your opportunity to discover interests you never knew you had, all while earning credits toward graduation.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

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Departments and Programs

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