Guide: How to find the Class# 5-digit for your forms!

Students: If you are using your phone, please do not take pictures of the documents, as these can be difficult to read.  Rather, please download and use a scanning app (such as Adobe Scan, CamScanner, etc).

Request to Take Summer Courses at Another College

Request to Take Summer Courses at Another College (Qualtrics form). Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive a decision, which will be sent to your Pitt e-mail account.

Satisfactory/No Credit or Audit Request

Grade Option/Audit Request (Fillable PDF) - Requests to take a course on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis for the Spring 2023 (2234) semester must be submitted to the Student Records email by no later than February 3rd at 4 PM ET.

Withdrawal & Resignation

Please note that if you seek to withdraw from all of your courses and it's before 60% of the term has expired, you must speak with the Student Appeals Office for a resignation. Their phone number is 412-624-7585 and their email is

Monitored Withdrawal (Fillable PDF) - The deadline to submit a Monitored Withdrawal to the Student Records email for the Spring 2023 (2234) term is Friday, March 17th at 4 PM ET.

Withdraw from All Classes - The deadline to submit a Withdraw for All Classes request to the Student Records email for the Spring 2023 (2234) term is Friday, April 7th at 4 PM ET.

Best Fit

If you want to switch a course from what general education requirement it is currently counting towards on your advisement report to another requirement it is approved to count for, please fill out the following form:

However, if you are seeking to have a course count towards a general education requirement that it is not approved to count for, please call 412-624-6480 to set up an appointment with the assistant dean.

Course Repeat

Request to do Study Abroad in your Senior year

Once you have the Study Abroad in Final Term form filled out, please call 412-624-6480 to set up an appointment with an assistant dean to have this form signed.

Transfer out of either Arts & Sciences or the College of General Studies to Another School at Pitt/Double Degree

The following form is for those seeking to transfer out of Arts & Sciences or the College of General Studies to another school at Pitt, or who wish to pursue a double degree between either of these schools and another Pitt school.

Academic Program (School) Change - Qualtrics form

Reinstatement & Second Degree Applications

Academic Advising Forms

Dietrich School Major, Minor, and Certificate Declaration - Qualtrics form

To declare a Dietrich School major, minor, or certificate, please complete the form above. All newly declared minors and certificates will be effective for the Fall 2023 term. Some declarations may require review by an academic advisor before they are processed.

Please note that the deadline to declare a Dietrich School major for the Fall 2023 term is Friday, September 1 at 5:00 PM.