Schedule Tutoring Online with Navigate Student

To make an appointment with a tutor, you will need to download a mobile app called Navigate Student. Navigate Student is an app that you’ll use fior many resources and services at Pitt. It will tip you off to important events coming up, can help you find the right fit major, connect you with support, allow you to make appointments with an advisor, and stay ahead of roadblocks. 

This app is available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and you can search for it by typing “Navigate Student”. 

Once you download the app, you will be prompted to select your school (type in: University of Pittsburgh)
You will be asked to sign in with your Pitt username and password
You will be asked to authenticate your login using two-factor authentication (more info on this here:
You will be prompted to fill out a short survey about your academic experiences and interests.

After you’ve taken these steps, use the app to schedule an appointment with an Academic Coach:

Click on the "Appointments" button on the home screen.

Choose"Schedule an Appointment"
Choose "Tutoring"
Choose "Dietrich Study Lab-Tutoring Center"
Pick the reason for your appointment, just the overall subject area at this time, for example "SL-Chemistry" or "SL-Statsitcs."
Choose "Study Lab - G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center" as your location (if you choose Hillman you will see our drop-in schedule but you cannot make an individual appointment).

Choose the course you are seeking support for. 

You can choose a staff member (tutor) but that will limit your available appointment times. We recommend skipping the choice of a tutor so you can see the full schedule. 

*Choose an appointment time that fits your schedule.
In the comments field when scheduling an appointment, you can specify exactly what you would like to talk about, if you know. This field is not required.

*NOTE: If you would like to schedule with the same tutor every week, please call or stop into the center to make recurring appointments, up to two weeks in advance.