First Approaches to Research

ARTSC 0101: First Approaches to Research (FA-R) is designed to teach students how to connect to research and creative projects across disciplines, interests and methodologies. Driven by their own curiosities and the search for answers, students will be introduced to the tools needed to launch meaningful undergraduate research careers.

Students will:

  • Connect with world-renowned faculty mentors.
    • This course teaches you how to build professional networks of faculty and staff who can support you during this initial experience and beyond.
  • Create a community of like-minded student researchers.
    • Meet with undergraduate mentors and work with undergraduate researchers and artists.
    • Virtual alumni panels will also provide an opportunity to broaden your network.  
  • Explore questions, curiosities and interests.
    • Form questions, explore problems, and examine your own experiences, thoughts, and observations through writing.
  • Discover campus resources to support faculty-mentored and independent research and creative projects.
    • Learn how to use resources available to you on campus, such as the University Library System, Study Abroad, Career Development, and other centers.
  • Develop the skills needed to conduct meaningful research.
    • Learn professional academic communication, digital literacy, and in-person and virtual networking skills.
  • Create a portfolio to apply for funding and research opportunities throughout the University and in the Pittsburgh community.
    • Students who complete this course will learn the skills they need to apply for formalized research or creative opportunities within the Dietrich School of Arts and Science, including but not limited to First Experiences in Research (FE-R), Archival Scholars Research Awards (ASRA), and Summer Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA), Undergraduate Research Artist and Scholar Residencies, and Directed Research within a department.
    • Learn how to secure academic credit and or payment for research experiences or creative activity outside the Dietrich School, including but not limited to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and other University schools and colleges.