Undergraduate Mentors

OUR Undergraduate Mentors

Undergraduate Mentors (UMs) are personal advocates who help actualize your personal academic interests. They connect peers to programs, opportunities, and resources to more deeply engage with research, creative expression, and scholarship. UMs hold appointments to discuss your own academic curiosity and to develop your personalized education path.


Become an Undergraduate Mentor in 2020-2021


The Undergraduate Mentors are paid student employees with prior or current research, creative, or scholarly experience. They serve 4 weekly hours assisting peers, developing programs, and UTA'ing for  First Experiences in Research. Applications open each spring term, and position start each fall. 

Application Details

Eligible Dietrich School undergraduates 

  • are interested in joining a commuity of scholars
  • have a passion for helping others
  • has some prior reserach experience (e.g., First Experiences in Research, self-directed research, independent creative projects)
Application: Available Jan 2020
Deadline: Announced Jan 2020