First-Year Seminars

Enjoy all the benefits of an Academic Foundations course and fulfill your Seminar in Composition requirement by enrolling in a First-Year Seminar (FP 0003 or FP 0006). First-Year Seminar classes are limited to just 19 students and are developed around a particular theme, creating a small, cohesive group of students interested in the same subject area. 

FP 0003 is a 4-credit course offered in the fall term. The course focuses on writing and provides the same enrichment activities that FP 0001 offers, including: 

  • Diverse activities that complement the theme of the seminar, including those that introduce you to the city and its cultural resources; 
  • Enrichment experiences such as film screenings and lectures by faculty; and 
  • Opportunities for group study. 

FP 0006 is a 3-credit course offered in the spring term. The course explores focused topic you are interested in by reading selected texts, writing papers, and participating in classroom discussions.